The futures are much closer to us than any pasts we might want to return to or revisit. What does it mean to be examining, absorbing, feeling, reflecting on, and writing about the archive at it is being produced, rushing at us – literally, to entertain an unfolding archive? This question may lend an immediacy to the work, or it may emit a hollow ringing of the past that no longer feels pertinent; even more bizarrely, it may mean that the present is still unrecognizable to us.

Jasbir Puar 2007, xix

What do critical geographies look/sound/feel like? How might these visions/sounds/feelings form an archive, not only of the past, but of the present and possible futures, of other worlds?

What mediums might afford us new opportunities to represent geographic knowledge?

What belongs in the archive? What escapes it? What will you put in the archive today, and what will it mean for us tomorrow?

We invite meditations on these questions (and other themes included in the conference CFP) in the form of photography, painting, sculpture, multimedia, film, performance, poetry, and forms not yet considered as contributions to the Critical Futures Visual Archive.

Please send a description of your work (abstract, images, etc.), as well as any questions or comments to for consideration.